Bob Odyssey Performance Test is now 60FPS ARH!!

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CHANGELOG 24/3/21 (Perf 13)


-Made tweaks to the FPS scaling ( no more clipping at very low framerates ! )

-Adjusted screen scaling to always check resolution

-Corrected shard collection animation with different resolutions

-Fixed layering

-Made tweaks to rendering range

-More rendering fixes for the web client

-Fixed save data failing to load when game is sent back to main menu then loaded

-Shard counter now properly scales to screen width

-Jumping whilst sliding not matching framerates

-Cleaned up code

-You now cannot walljump whilst sliding

-Fixed camera lock shaking

-Added moving platforms

-Fixed clipping

-UI elements now scale in the y-direction

-Fixed music not playing initially

-Added underwater music effects

-Fixed water fountain proximity

-Fixed HALLUX logo flickering

-Made title sequence more stable

CHANGELOG 28/1/21 (Perf 12)


-NPC prompt no longer jidders in place

-Tweaked physics

-Physics now support 60FPS, more work to be done soon

-Fixed some very rare clipping

-All particles support 60FPS

-Made NPC zooming smoother

-UI now supports 60FPS ( and more in the future??? )

-Tweaked title screen

-Fixed main menu background stuttering from one frame

-UI now adjusts in widescreen

CHANGELOG 24/1/21 (Perf 11)


-Fixed some bugs

-Optimised file sizes

-Added spring animation

-More graphic backups

-Loading now works in different levels

-Fixed NPCs not positioning correctly... again!

-Some debug variables show up upon startup

-Stopped random shutdowns


CHANGELOG 23/1/21 (Perf 10)


-Fixed jittering when sliding

-Fixed Bob hitbox position

-Shadow lighting now works more reliably

-Changed walking particles

-Fixed particle spawning

-General code optimisation

CHANGELOG 21/1/21 (Perf 9)


-Added saving of shards and player position

-Made loading faster

-Updated some UI

-Game doesn't stutter upon startup

-Added stage hitbox toggle

-Changed some colours and brightness's

-Reduced volume of some loud sound effects

-Changed culling... AGAIN!

-Reduced file sizes

-Reduced stage lag (hopefully)

-Fixed objects jittering when the stage is zoomed out

-Fixed random laggy areas

-Tweaked particles

CHANGELOG 17/1/21 (Perf 8)


-Stage and objects are sharper

-Stage now culls

CHANGELOG 26/12/21 (Perf 7)


-Fixed groundpound jumping being delayed

-Fixed ground particles being in wrong position

-Changed map to day time

-Fixed infinite walljumping

-Fixed subtitles sometimes breaking

CHANGELOG 30/11/21 (Perf 6)


-Fixed walljumping not registering sometimes

-Groundpounding is faster

-Added a camera lock function (PRESS C to toggle)

-Fixed shard culling

CHANGELOG 27/11/21 (Perf 5)


-Changed walljumping and sliding physics

-Groundpounding is more responsive

-Particles for wallsliding

CHANGELOG 27/11/21 (Perf 4)


-Improved pre-loading

-Reduced FPS dips when switching levels

-Fixed pause menu sometimes not sizing correctly

CHANGELOG 26/11/21 (Perf 3)


-Implemented a more accurate FPS counter

-Improved culling

-Fixed layering

-Added preloading of assets to reduce FPS drops

-Stopped objects rendering at edge on fenced versions of client

-Tweaked some animations

CHANGELOG 25/11/2021


-Particles now scale at stage sizes

-Water physics improved

-Added object culling options

-Fixed pause menu not fitting to screen

-Improved smoke particle range

-Music doesn't restart right upon loading into world

-Made loading into world significantly faster



Older version -> 6 - 8% CPU

No objects (only dev testing) -> 2%

High culling -> 2.5%

Medium culling -> 2.6%

Low culling -> 3%

No culling -> 4%

Around 100% improvement


Around 75% improvement on Laptop

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and open bob-perf-test.exe. Yeah it's always the same. You can just play it in your browser, but I do know that an .exe is funny lmao >.< !!


Bob Perf Test 90 MB
Bob Perf Test 12.html 17 MB
Bob Perf Test 90 MB
Bob Perf Test 12 106 MB
Bob Perf Test 11.html 22 MB
Bob Perf Test 94 MB
Bob Perf Test 10.html 43 MB
Bob Perf Test 111 MB

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